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Native American Jewelry - Turquoise Jewelry

Native American Jewelry

How do you know if you are buying authentic made Native American Jewelry? Turquoise Treasure provides the resources you need when shopping for authentic Native American turquoise jewelry.

The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 helps ensure that buyers of Indian arts and crafts products get what they pay for by making it illegal to misrepresent that a product is made by an Indian. Under the Act, any item produced after 1935 that is marketed using terms such as “Indian,” “Native American” or “Alaska Native” must be made by a member of a State or federally-recognized tribe or by a certified Indian artisan.

American Indian Jewelry

American Indians use beads, shells, copper and silver, ivory, amber, turquoise and other stones to make their jewelry. American Indians have been making jewelry as part of their livelihood fro years, even before the Europeans came to America. The Native American jewelry makings traditions stays strong, incorporating rather than being replaced by new materials and techniques like glass beads and metalworking which was more advanced.

Our Authentic Native American Jewelry Guide provides information for making an educated purchase of American Indian turquoise jewelry.


Turquoise Jewelry

Did you know that Turquoise is the birthstone for the month of December? along with Zircon and Lapis Lazuli. This listing dates back to the 15th century.

Turquoise is one of the most beautiful semi-precious stones in all the world.  Indeed, it has been said that no other opaque stone is more beautiful and popular. With the recent popularity of turquoise jewelry has become very stylish. Our Turquoise Jewelry Guide provides information on the different variations of turquoise, where turquoise is mined and what make certain pieces of turquoise more valuable.

Coral Jewelry

Although the most common color of coral jewelry is a pinkish-red this is not the only color available. Coral occurs in a wide range of shades from red and white and blue to brown and black. The colors of the red coral range from palest pink all the way through to a deep red. Black, golden and blue coral jewelry are amongst the most fashionable types but the blue coral is extremely rare as is the white coral with a hint of pink that is often sought after.

Coral jewelry is also believed to have positive healing qualities that are associated with many gemstones and crystals and it certainly has a soothing aura about it because it is an organic material.
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